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At Philly Bookshelf, we believe everyone should have access to books. We are committed to providing high quality, new and gently used books to those in the City of Philadelphia and the surrounding areas of Pennsylvania. We offer a variety of opportunities for book exchanges and literacy supplies.  


Community Bookshelves

Philly Bookshelf places small bookshelves at our community partners' locations throughout the Philadelphia area. We stock each Community Bookshelf with free books. Each location has a host who is responsible for installation, care, and maintenance of the bookshelf as well as assisting with creating an inviting environment that encourages the public to read the books. Community groups, schools, universities, neighborhood associations, community gardens, coffee shops, service providers, and businesses make great hosts for Community Bookshelves. The books are free for anyone in the community to take and read. Philly Bookshelf replenishes books as needed and community members are encouraged to return books and place new books on the bookshelves on an ongoing basis.

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Baby and Toddler

Philly Bookshelf provides donated baby and children’s books to organizations and service providers that work with low income, new parents to ensure children have age appropriate books in their homes. Studies show that children who are read to at least three (3) times per week are almost twice as likely to score in the top 25% in reading compared to children who are read to less than three (3) times per week. However, 61% of low income families have no age appropriate books for children in their home. With approximately 25% of adults and 38% of children living in poverty in Philadelphia, we aim to invest in the future by providing baby and children's books to low income, new parents.    

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Books for Schools

Philly Bookshelf supports every level of literacy education and is proud to support classrooms in need. Teachers at schools in the Philadelphia area are invited to contact us to search our inventory to see if we are able to donate a specific book or to request a random assorted box of books for their classrooms.

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